Peter Ziegler

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Peter A. Ziegler

Ph.D. Zürich 1955

Address: Geological-Paleontological Institute
Departement Umweltwissenschaften
Universität Basel
Bernoullistrasse 32
CH-4056 Basel



+41 (0)61 267 09 28
+41 (0)61 267 36 13
paziegler(at) (new!)

Tectonics Group Basel

  • Plate Tectonics and Basin Evolution
  • Paleogeographic and Paleotectonic Reconstructions
  • Dynamics of Extensional and Compressional Intraplate Deformation
Selected publications
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  • Ziegler, P.A. (1989) Evolution of Laurussia - a study in Late Palaeozoic plate tectonics. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 102 p.(book).
  • Ziegler, P.A. (1990) Geological Atlas of Western and Central Europe, 2nd Edition. Shell Int. Petrol. Mij. and Geol Soc., London, 239 p and 56 encl. ( book).
  • Ziegler, P.A., van Wees, J-D. and Cloetingh, S. (1998) Mechanical controls on collision-related compressional intraplate deformation. Tectonophysics 300: 103-129.
  • Ziegler P. A., Bertotti G. and Cloetingh S. (2002) Dynamic processes controlling foreland development – the role of mechanical (de)coupling of orogenic wedges and forlands. EGU Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series, 1, 17–56.
  • Ziegler, P.A. and Cloetingh Sierd, A.P.L., (2004) Dynamic processes controlling evolution of rifted basins. Earth-Sciences Reviews, 64: 1-50.
  • Ziegler, P.A., Schumacher, M., Dèzes, P., van Wees, J.D. and Cloetingh Sierd, A.P.L., 2004. Post-Variscan evolution of the lithosphere in the Rhine Graben area: constraints from subsidence modelling. In: M. Wilson et al. (Editors), Permo-Carboniferous Magmatism and Rifting in Europe. Geological Society Special Publications, London, V. 223, pp. 289-317.
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